* Single wall

* Double wall

* Triple wall

* B Flute

* C Flute

* Nano Flute

* Brown Linear

* White Linear

* Printed

* Un Printed

* Laminated Carton

* Regular Slotted

* Half Slotted

* Overlap Slotted

* Tray

* Telescoping

* One Piece Folders

* Die Cut

* Display Carton

* Slide Type Boxes

* Pads

* Partitions




Corrugated is the ultimate flexible packaging material. 90% of all goods shipped are packaged in corrugated. There are many standard styles, a number of which are shown below, as well as custom designed packaging products created to meet unique customer requirements.


Here are some fo our most popular containers

*Single wall *Double wall *Triple wall * B Flute *C Flute * Nano Flute *Brown Linear *White Linear *Printed *Un Printed *Laminated Carton *Regular Slotted *Half Slotted *Overlap Slotted *Hanger Pack Carton *Lock Type Carton *Tray *Telescoping *One Piece Folders *Die Cut *Display Carton *Slide Type Boxes and *Pads *Partitions

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